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Making Kratom Extract : Resin

October 8, 2012 by  
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Kratom Resin

How To Make The Kratom Extract Resin:

Resin is a Kratom Extract. There have been a few of our loyal customers asking us to write up a “How To” on how to make a resin. You can do a Google Search and come up with thousands of different ways, but this way is the most simplistic. The only things you need (other than your powder) is a non stick pot, water, and time…lots and lots of time.
I have found that PCB or Premium Commercial Bali seems to make the best resin simply because of its potency. Resin can be made from just about any powder and this includes extracts. After you have achieved your desired amount of resin, go slow, for adding it to your burner…but we’ll get to that in a little bit.
- First, get a decent sized pot and fill it with water.
- Begin to take your lose leaf Kratom (or powder) – 56g or more – and add it to the water. If you are using powder, stir until the powder is dissolved.
- Boil… boil… and boil some more. LONG after you’ve made Kratom Tea, keep boiling. The more you boil it down, the thicker you will see the liquid become.
- That sticky tar like substance at the bottom of your pot, after you’ve boiled it beyond the liquid state? Yep… that’s your resin.
The problem that most people find, after making their homemade resin, is that it’s really difficult to portion out. It’s has the consistency of rubber cement after it’s dried. This can easily be remedied. If you have a double boiler, place the resin back into the top portion of your double boiler, and let the heat loosen it up.
Don’t have a double boiler? No problem. a bowl on top of a pot of water will work. (Just make sure that the bowl can withstand intense heat. The last thing you want is a shattered bowl or bits of melted plastic in your newly created resin.) Hmmm, just used your only pot to boil that water? A cup of steaming hot coffee, bowl of soup, cup of tea… basically anything that you can put a plate over to warm the bottom and rest the resin on, will work. You want it to melt and soften, so that you can portion it out and shape it to fit in your burner.
It’s recommended that you practice at smaller amounts before going for the full 56g bag. With a bit of practice, you can save yourself quite a bit of money making your own home made resin.

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